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    Some Good Performances Today

    I don’t think anyone had a bad game although Bowler had a quiet first half. Anderson was excellent throughout. Even Keogh and James played well
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    Walking Football In Lytham

    just a reminder that there is a session every Wednesday 6pm - 7pm on the 3G pitch at Lytham YMCA, Mythop Road. It is a friendly group and all ages, abilities and genders are welcome. The cost is £3 which you pay at the YMCA reception before playing. This session is not run by the BFC Community...
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    Wembley Traffic Chaos

    Anyone else get caught up in this? What should have been a 40 minute journey turned into a three hour nightmare. In the end we had to abandon our pre booked parking and use someone's driveway getting in the stadium at 2.55pm. It made us feel a bit better that we saw the Lincoln team coach...
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    Parking At Wembley?

    Looks like we will be driving there from Wimbledon. Any suggestions as to where to park? Stadium parking is £30!
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    Lincoln Secretary Explains Ticket Allocation

    An open letter from Liam Scully explaining the situation. A good idea to explain so clearly On behalf of the Board, Michael, the players and all of the backroom team at Lincoln City, I would like to thank you for your incredible support over the past 12 months. We regularly talk about what...
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    Chizzy Sweepstake

    It is sure to be the tedious one on todays commentary. He is bound to say 'Radio Lancashire home of live football' at least 30 times during the game. If anyone correctly predicts the minute he first says it I will donate £20 to Streetlife
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    Gender Bias?

    Ian Wright has said he is embarrassed by the abuse female football pundits are receiving. This made me wonder if I was unconsciously biased about genders. When I get on a flight (remember doing that?) I am pleased if the flight crew are female. I think this is because I think that females...
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    Peterborough Off

    Just come out on BBC
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    Ian Chisnall Sweepstake

    If anyone predicts the minute in tonight’s game when he first grumbles about the linesman putting his flag up late I will donate £20 to Streetlife the Blackpool homeless charity. The next twenty times he says it tonight don’t count
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    New Matchday Routine Emerges

    1. Team lineup announced 2. Pile in on AVFTT criticising Critchley 3. Blackpool win 4. Er...........
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    Matt Scrafton

    I am no fan of the Gazette but I have to say Matt's reports have been balanced and constructive. It must be unique to have seen out the end of the Oyston era, the dawning of hope with the Simon Sadler take over and the current displays Well done.
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    I follow blank screen

    Paid my £10 and just getting a blank screen. Any suggestions?
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    Is The Club Shop Open?

    Does anybody know? You cannot get through by phone
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    Peter Green RIP

    Died aged 73. Loved his Fleetwood Mac years and saw him live at Preston a few years ago.
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    Phil Horner

    Needed some physio treatment and wentt to see Phil this evening. Really pleasant and knowledgeable guy who diagnosed my problem and gave good common sense advice. He is obviously building a new career post BFC and is well worth a visit if you need some help.. has a website so just Google him.
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    Foreign Travel

    Interesting to see that travel options seem to be opening up for the summer. However I don't think any travel insurers are offering cover for Covid related claims. Surely this will deter most people from venturing abroad?
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    Walking Football - When Will It Return

    It's a real shame this has stopped, but I can't honestly see it returning at least for a couple of months? The Blackpool sessions are outdoors so may be sooner than, say, Lytham, which is in the sports hall at YMCA