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    O/T - Best Comedy Sketch

    A bit random I know but You Tube just directed me to Four Candles and I always like watching it every now and again. I don't think there has ever been a better comedy sketch and I don't think there ever will be one. What is the finest ever comedy sketch ? Please spare me the Dead Parrot.
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    Calling any techies or computer folk - broken monitor

    Morning all, I bought an ASUS Chromebook about a year ago from Argos. I was carrying it in a rather lazy manner and I think this has resulted in the monitor being broken beyond repair. There is a diagonal from the bottom left to the top right of the screen, as if it is broken glass, to the...
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    Kyle Lafferty

    I know he's no spring chicken - he'll turn 34 in September - but could he be a good short term and relatively cheap acquisition for next season ? Spare me all the pub league gags but he was still performing in the SPL at the end of last season and I think he would certainly give us an option...
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    Womens Football

    11.45 on BBC1 tonight folks.
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    Best Female Vocalist Ever

    Appalled by the blatant sexism on the board and the continual disregard for the talents of one half of the population, I thought I'd better do my bit to address things. Perhaps it's not up for debate and we all know that it's Karen Carpenter ? The voice of an angel.
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    Fixed Odds

    Racing not vintage today but I might have a dabble on the football too and I'm always interested in what others fancy. Plenty of aways teams that I thought were short enough: Brighton (at WBA) 10/11 Barcelona (at Seville) 6/5 Wolves (at Newcastle) 5/4 Fulham (at Palace tomorrow) 6/5...
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    Ross County Supporters - AVFTT Branch

    Just to say well done on your result tonight. I know the opposition wasn't up to much but you can only beat what's in front of you and a massive three points towards staying up. Come on you Staggies.
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    Doug Mountjoy

    I've just read that he left us today. May the great man rest in peace. God Bless
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    Fixed Odds

    Anybody having a dabble today. I just had a quick look myself and found myself attracted to: Forest to beat Bristol City (just over 7/4) Swansea to beat Millwall (just under 11/8) Oxford to beat Crewe (just under 11/8) Please note that these are just my proposed selections that I am...
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    Happy Birthday Dave Pick

    I know we are always a country mile behind the old site but better late than never. I believe that our most experienced poster is another year older today. Can I be the first to wish the great man happy returns. All the best "Old" Dave, have a great day.
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    Are there any TECHIES in the house ?

    Following on from the thorough advice I received from the good folk of AVFTT re a new computer (chromebook), do the AVFTT technical experts think this will be OK for mainly surfing the web ...
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    Any Techies About ? I need a new laptop

    I need a new laptop ASAP but don't have a clue. I will be using it mainly just for messing about on the net so I don't want to pay OTT for something I don't really need but I certainly want it to be quick enough. I asked a few people who know far more than me and they suggested I'd only have...
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    I have been critical of GTF in the past - nothing personal just used to wind me up how the Westies used to cheer him all the time when he was coming back from injury. This is just to thank him for giving so much time to the podcast thing and taking it so seriously. I didn't listen live but I...
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    Viewing Recommendation

    If podcasts with ex pros regaling old tales is not your thing then please disregard but I would thoroughly recommend a listen to the Under The Cosh podcast on You-Tube (free) with Glen Little. He's good at telling old stories - most to do with Stan Ternant - and if you like that sort of thing I...
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    Lewis Capaldi

    I can't post on the other site but just to say that Lytham Kev is bang on the money as per usual. He was going to be at the Lytham Festival but I doubt it will be on now - Capaldi that is not Kev.
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    Calling Any Techies

    Evening gents, I don't suppose there is anybody out there who could advise me a problem I'm having with a computer ? I came back to my computer and it had a message along the lines of "Hardware Malfuction - Please call your support". I immediately went for the old off and on but now my...
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    Free wpc

    Morning all, I can't post on the old site but it has come to my attention that wpc is struggling to move across to the new site. I don't know if he has actually been banned before he arrived or if it is just a technical problem that he is not aware of. Could somebody with some clout please...
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    Hecķingbottom 7/4 to replaçe Laŕry with Victor Chandler

    Many havè said Sadler would now go for a bigger name, I didn't think that's what they meant.
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    Board Icons

    Would I be right in assuming that both the current and previous icons of this board are of the opinion that Simon Sadler behaves like a spoilt child ?