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    EFL Highlights...

    ...is on Quest at 10.30. Might be the odd match to watch if you're bored I guess.
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    Getting into Bloomfield changes

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    Jamie O'Hara interviews Ollie

    Some interesting points on why Ollie left us:
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    The King?

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    Getting silly now!

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    Safe Standing

    Safe standing trial: Six Premier League and Championship clubs apply to take part - https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/58829384
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    Flood Warning

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    Gary Parkinson Trust Donation

    Hi Guys Just to let you know and for transparency, I have today donated the £205 raised from the sale of the King Kenny Dougall shirt to the Gary Parkinson Trust. Thanks to all bidders and donaters. Cheers and UTMP
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    Blackpool FC Writer Job Opportunity

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    Kenny Dougall signed and framed shirt in aid of Gary Parkinson Trust

    Morning All. I have finally managed to get a response from the Gary Parkinson Trust re: the Kenny Dougall shirt we sponsored on their behalf last season. They have requested that I auction it on their behalf with all proceeds going to help support Gary in his continued battle with locked in...
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    OT - A message to AVFTT from Trinity Hospice

    To all at AVFTT A view from the Tower Thank you so much for your generous donation of signed shirts for our local patients and families of Trinity Hospice. Just to let you they were auctioned at a recent ball which had raised a total of over £13,000!! I thought you would like to know it was...
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    AVFTT Sponsored Dougall Shirt

    Just got back from hols so thought I'd give a quick update re: the Dougall shirt from last season. Obviously, I have presented the Gabriel and Garbutt shirts to Trinity and Brian House. However, the Gary Parkinson Trust have never got back to me despite me e mailing them numerous times. I don't...
  13. GJJW

    Garbutt and Gabriel Shirts

    Hi Guys Just presented the shirts to Trinity Hospice and Brian House. They are hoping to auction off at a ball they are having. They will keep us updated to how it goes and money raised. They were very grateful, so thanks to all who contributed:
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    OT - Driving instructors

    Daughter turns 17 next week and want to buy her some driving lessons but plenty of instructors don't work after 6pm or weekends now, which we need. Any recommendations of good, local instructors? Cheers in advance
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    Which player should AVFTT sponsor?

    OK, so we have to decide in the next couple of days which player we would like AVFTT to sponsor. We have first dibs on the Viking and Dougall. Please vote in the poll if donated. Looks like we will only be able to sponsor one player this year but still a great effort. Please donate to the fund...
  16. GJJW

    AVFTT 21/22 season player sponsorship fund

    Money pool has now been set up to allow contributions towards AVFTT sponsoring another Blackpool player for the upcoming season. Last year we raised £1750. Let's try to support the club, local charities and community again. Cheer all and sll contributions welcome Link below...
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    Signed and framed Gretarsson shirt on e bay

    O.k, the signed and framed Gretarsson shirt has been posted on e bay. Bidding will start at 2pm today. All funds raised will go to the AVFTT 21/22 season player sponsorship fund. Please bid generously. AVFTT ADMIN, any chance this could be kept at top of board? Cheers Link below...
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    Poll - What to do with shirts sponsored by AVFTT

    Morning All So, I've posted this poll to try and get the AVFTT opinion of what to do with the 4 shirts we have. They are: Gretarsson - sponsored by AVFTT Garbutt - sponsored by AVFTT on behalf of Trinity Hospice Gabriel - sponsored by AVFTT on behalf of Brian House Dougall - sponsored by AVFTT...
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    Fan Player Sponors Shirts Collection

    Morning All Martin Booker has let me know that shirts will be available to collect tomorrow from.the club at a small event from 6pm to 7pm. Just posting this for transparency to see if you are all OK with me going down to collect? I guess we then have to decide on what we do with the shirts...
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    Cracking tweet from yesterday

    For everything we did for four years. For all the protests. For every match we each missed. For every time we had to explain to our family and friends... For those we’ve lost along the way. Today. Today was earned. Today was the reward. Today was deserved. Today was OUR day.