Andrew elbowed again


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“Prince” Andrew told by family he can’t attend garter day at Windsor castle, although he can attend the lunch. It’s said he thinks he should now be allowed to return to Royal duties as he hasn’t been charged with anything.


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Deluded. He wants his HRH title back and his Military 'Honours' and Status. Charles and Wills want nothing of it.

Obviously think Prince Sweaty(or not) is bad for the Monarchy.

Deluded, indeed. But he still seems to think he can wheedle his way back in.

Reported in the Times today that he's asked QE2 to reinstate him as colonel of the Grenadier Guards.
A source said that it "....was his most coveted title and he wants it back. Having remained a counsellor of state, he also believes he should be included at royal and state events"

Oh, and apparently he's also asked that his two daughters be made working royals 🤣

585 = never give up

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Prince Porker has paid hush money, but won't accept any guilt. That being the case, as applies to all sex offenders (eg OO), who aren't eligible for parole, he's not eligible to anything and should stop embarrassing himself and the monarchy.


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Probably HM Queen is not happy to have paid out £Millions to save his neck.
He should be made 'under gardener', and the boss gardener give him all the 'shit' jobs.


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🙄 Come on, Dave, the queen loves him like any mother might love a son, however fecked up he might be

Selective monarchists always make me smile