Ben Woodburn


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Da iawn. Diolch yn fawr, Simon Sadler!

As regards Woodburn's Welsh loyalty and affiliation - obviously borne of a strong sense of personal heritage - his self-identification as a Cymro should be respected. (I myself identify as Sandgrown and Welsh; a fact reflected by my lifelong support for both the Seasiders and Wales). Snide remarks on this thread regarding this are uncalled for and sadly divisive.

Quite right. The Welsh should be celebrated for, amongst other things, inventing the condom in 1872 using a sheeps bladder. The English refined this in 1873 by first removing the bladder from the sheep.


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Anyone think the lad will get his debut today? Sometimes you just need that spark in the team and I'd be tempted to start him.


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Do you still have to be registered by midday on Friday to be eligible to play today? Might cast a doubt on Woodburn and Dougalls participation .


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I do not think Woodburn has a long term future at Liverpool, so give him plenty of game time and if we look capable of promotion he might just stick around