Blackpool head coach enjoyed sharing Fulham win with the fans


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A great article.
What a Head Coach we have, absolute passion for the game and for our club, players and supporters.

Neil Critchleys Tangerine Army indeed! 🍊🍊🍊


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Critchley just get's it. I can't really think of an interview where I have listened to him and thought 'what are you talking about?' He literally just says it as it is.

He has it bang on about our support too. Bloomfield Road is possibly the most intimidating ground in the Championship. Visiting managers have said it in the past. We are top notch!

585 = never give up

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Critch was used to hearing the Kop in full voice, which must be brilliant from the dugout.
Since the lifting of the restrictions, he's always praised our supporters & must be the most popular manager since Ollie in his hayday.
A talented and extremely likeable guy.
UTMP & our fantastic manager


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He’s taken us to his heart and we’ve taken him to our hearts. He just oozes passion and commitment to football and all that’s BFC and he’s instilled that same set of values in our team and our players. It’s little wonder we don’t stop singing and getting behind the team even when things aren’t going too well it’s because we see what they are trying to do and how passionate the players and staff are about BFC. May it long continue 👏👏👏👏.
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Of course, if he gets us promoted again, or we even finish high in The Championship he will be sought after by bigger clubs.

How long is his contract?