Callum Camps

Born tangerine

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I always thought this was the player we should have signed before he moved to the Cods. A goal scoring midfielder who plays centre midfield has 250 games under his belt and is still only 25. It would seem Fleetwood this year are selling players so let's get him signed. Super player.


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First saw Camps when he played against us for Rochdale

Thought he looked very good but whether he is Championship quality is another matter to which I would defer to Critch


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I note he was on the released list at Cods and is apparently wanted by Stockport. Always thought he looked a good player … which is why we should probably leave this stuff to the professionals!


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He’s a Manchester lad so Stockport would make sense.

Critch will be aware of him. Trust in Critch.


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Released by Fleetwood. Enough said.
Get him signed up.

Would have been head and shoulders above anyone on the park this afternoon as everyone in a Blackpool shirt was just shite.

Utter embarrassing to watch, switched off at 3-0.

May the Lord have pity on those that actually went.
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