Doncaster Predictions


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It’s a tough one this. You’d like to think with us winning 4 out of the last 5 league games, our excellent home form and Doncaster’s little wobble we’ve a great chance.

Doncaster no mugs, only a matter of time before they turn the corner and get back on track. Coming back from 3-1 down against Hull shows they have goals in them, something we sadly don’t.

Keep it tight at the back and I can see another narrow 1-0 win. Extremely tough game, but the type this group usually thrive on


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I worry more when we're on a good run of form than when we're on a bad run with a point to prove.
Glad we're playing them at the moment - think their confidence won't be great. Let's hope for a start like we had against Portsmouth.


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Heart says a good win as it will really put the top 6 in our sights, head however says sorry each time we get in a position of getting close to the top 6 we let ourselves down and put in a poor performance or 2 or 3🤬 please prove me wrong - will await the team selection before making my prediction