Finding Jack Charlton - repeat


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Was ok but really concentrated on his time as Irish manager when there was so much more than that short period. Yes,they were actually decent for a short while but that wasn't the only period of his life.


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One of Jacks stories was when he was an apprentice at Leeds when Frank Buckley was manager,where he was a very humble man and came from humble beginnings. I wonder if this helped him to become the great manager that he undoubtedly was?

"Yet beneath the gruff exterior, he was a kind man, as he demonstrated once when I met him. My shoes must have been a sight, for when he looked down at them, he asked me if they were the only pair I had. I nodded. The next morning, he summoned me to his office and handed me a pair of Irish brogues, the strongest, most beautiful shoes I'd ever seen. And I had them for years."

Frank Buckley was of course a Blackpool manager from the 20s and introduced a scouting and youth system to BR. He's also credited with bringing in the tangerine shirts.