Friday fun - describe a well known film in the most boring way you can.


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Lion mistakenly thinks he's killed his Dad, goes away, then comes back and deposes his Uncle. No worries.


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Man gets framed for murder and is sent to jail where he gets bummed by the other inmates so he escapes through a pipe full of poo.

7 amazing guys go to Mexico, have a bit of a bust up......but only 2 come back...

Dorothy has a really trippy dream about some wizards and dwarfs....glad she stayed at home.....

Cowboys chase some Indians...doesn't work out that well for the Indians.

Big tower really catches fire because nobody followed the building regulations......


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Brits steal gold in Turin. End is bit of a cliffhanger.

Man meets woman in capital of France and shows her novel use of butter.

Lots of spotty dogs get kidnapped.