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I liked the reply to “it’ll be a game of two halves” to which someone replied along the lines “it’s confident of you to predict that, it isn’t always at Blackpool”. Very good, also nice that they’re fairly sympathetic of that game it seems.


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Hudds board: "i think Blackpool will be one of those teams who will give the best teams in the division problems, but a lack of consistency will mean opponents will always have a chance."

Not a daft comment, that! And neither is this...

"One of the lads pointed out, we could invade the pitch if we are losing........the Efl would make it a 0-0 draw then surely!!"


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First post I read on the Udders forum

"The bounce back factor will hit them like a sledgehammer. 2-0 Town."

Love a bit of over-confidence.


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This is brilliant, thanks!

I always read the league 1 forums if I could find them, really gives an interesting take on where we are!


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Famous last words