McCall gone to Sheff U!


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I noticed he didn't get a mention when Critch was singing the praises of his backroom team recently, and thought that a bit odd. Maybe he's been looking for a move back to Yarkshire for a while.


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90s hair?

I thought he was the kit man's assistant?

Alfie Conn

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Is it impossible to tie coaching staff members down to contracts?,always seems to be a gentleman's agreement and if anything better pops up off you go.


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I think Sheff Utd are definitely a weaker side from not sticking with Wilder.
Changing managers is too often the first choice in sticky patches, where it should be last resort


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Bit unfortunate to be losing two experienced heads in six months or so. Gotta make the right choice now. Maybe Critch and Garrity are experienced enough now that they’d be better off with another younger coach?


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Several hundred games in league management + international level experience as players, maybe?
A very good, committed coach and will be a big loss to the Seasiders. Plenty of experienced guys knocking about however and I'm sure NC can pick up the right man as he now seems adept at doing.


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In some ways it allows NC to learn more - he can now employ someone else and milk their experience.

Different people know different things.

The fact I am not bothered in the slightest about this probably says what I thought of the appointment, although I never thought it was a bad idea, I just never thought it was great idea!!

Curious to see who we get.