One result this season that sticks in the craw?


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Still the Doncaster away result for me. I even came back to the second half after 15 mins as we were 2-0 up and the missus wanted to watch Eastenders! I thought we were cruising and so in control I thought when I returned we'd be 3 or 4 up 😡


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Doncaster is the obvious one.

Both Ipswich fixtures were awful in their own way. The home game felt like a disaster as we'd brought it forward to get thumped, the away tie felt like we just rolled over and let a poor side take 3 points from us.


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Those Ipswich games were indeed awful in particular the home game. I do believe in Critchley and feel he will get it right, but the tinkering with formation and personnel in my opinion cost us that game.


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Plymouth. Apart from first 10 minutes when we were disorganised, we murdered them.
Missing chances and excellent goalkeeping kept us frustrated.

Afterwards, how the hell did we lose that.

Donny game everything went for them in second half.
Cracking goal,dubious penalty and of course the stonewall penalty we were denied in injury time. He double hand balled it!


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Both the Doncaster and Lincoln losses. Both were games we should have won and were self inflicted


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Both the Doncaster and Lincoln losses. Both were games we should have won and were self inflicted
Doncaster for sure. Talk about chalk and cheese 1st half and 2nd. Doncaster really worry me see they were 2-0 down and then 3-1 down on Saturday and pulled it back to 3-3 they may be the come back kings ?

Let hope if we get ahead tomorrow then we stay there I will only be comfortable if we are 3 up with about 10 mins left.


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Quite a few, mostly in the first 10 games when we dropped so many points due to crazy mistakes and mind boggling formations.


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Doncaster was a hugely disappointing game, everything went for them in the 2nd half, for which we didn't turn up.
Add to that the exceptionally poor refereeing at the end, and it's easy to see why this game is being mentioned.

But at least we dominated for H1. On reflection I was more disappointed by any of our 1-0 defeats to the likes of Wimbledon and Shrewsbury, or the 2-0 at Ipswich. All games there for the taking in which we were toothless, due either to formation tinkering, lack of fitness, or some of the players looking like they couldn’t be arsed during the poor earlier season performances . I feel these are the games which will cost us if we fail to make the play offs, which our more recent form deserves.
Edit - thought it was just away games. The one result for me was Lincoln, how we managed to lose when we were 2-1 up in the closing minutes was almost unbelievable. Then the 2 errors for the penalty and the corner..... Aaargh
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Gillingham away. Seeing Critch and co thoroughly mugged by that obnoxious tubby red faced tax dodger Steve Evans pissed me right off 🤨


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Ipswich away. With Ipswich being on a poor run and our form picking up my pre match expectation had built up, I was convinced we would win. Instead, did not turn up.