Oxford vs Blackpool: Three Word Game


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Fast and Furious

We’ve just gone away to one of the best sides in the league and dominated them to the point where they looked ordinary. People might be tempted to think this was similar to the Charlton game, I though Charlton made us look good, but today we made Oxford look very poor, we moved the ball very fast when we needed to and got in their faces and were furious in a controlled way at just the right times.

To a man we were fantastic, that’s the best I’ve seen us play in a long time, Critch breaks yet another away ground hoodoo.

Should I be starting to believe we can do it?
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I've never seen such a laid back player. He looks like he's just going to put the bins out but he's done an excellent job everytime he's called upon. I remember Founts saying a while back that we would never be able to keep 4 CBs happy. It's a good job nobody wanted any of them in January. 😁