Prediction Game 19: Portsmouth v Blackpool


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The rules are as follows:
Predict the Full Time Score and Blackpool's first Goalscorer.
You will get 3 points for the correct score, and a point for the correct goalscorer (you can predict no scorer and will be awarded a point in that eventuality).
All entries should be posted in the following way. (Portsmouth 0 Blackpool 1 Rhodes)
Anyone who writes down more than one goal scorer, we will take their first prediction.

If anyone makes more than one entry, it will be the first entry that will be awarded points and subsequent entries will be invalid.
All entries must be in before kick off.
Right, after getting zero points for predicting a win against the Shrews and Joseph as a scorer, I'm now playing dirty:

Portsmouth 2 Blackpool 2, Joseph.
Pompey 1-1 Pool Rhodes for us.

PS - I have yet to receive my point for Jordan scoring first against Shrewsbury. Maybe it was because I put Jordan and NOT Rhodes?
Pompey are shit, so we should be winning here!
Except we're stuck with Critchley picking the team! 😔
So I'll go 0-0 or 0-1.

Let's hope for Pompey 0-1 Seasiders (Rhodes obviously)