RIP Stu Paterson


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Massive Seasider went last night to the Tangerines in the sky.
Aged 58, he worked for me a few years ago and he loved his weekends away watching the Seasiders.

Stu was a music genius. After 3 seconds of hearing a song, he could tell you the song, group that sung it and the year of release.

This is devastating for me. I'm sure most on here will know Stu.


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Stu was a great lad. Very sad news and far too young.
I knew him from Highfield School and around Kingsmede and Lindale Gardens.

RIP Patty.

Block j

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RIP Stu, devastating news Brian. I met you two when you came and did my flagging in the back garden at Thornton about 6/7 years ago, I think you had previously laid them and lifted them not long after ! I remember Stu knowing all the songs as they started on the radio. We all had a good crack and the job got done.

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Sad news to a familiar face.

I remember you guys on the Devy coach to Anfield back in 2010-11 season and your pal Stu had a ticket by himself on the Kop that day.

Made me smile him recanting how he had to restrain himself when we scored and won.

RIP fellow Seasider.


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What a shock. It wasn't that long ago I was talking to Patty on Highfield Road.
I was in the same school year as Will, Stu's older brother. So sad. RIP


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RIP Stu, always remember you're rendition of Eternity by Robbie Williams in our back garden at the old house ten years ago.