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Right so if Tommy Robinson was stripped of his UK citizenship while out the country you would still all be clamouring to get him back, arm him with a team of human rights lawyers (at the tax payers expense of course) and come up with just about every mitigating circumstance you can think of to excuse what he’s done?
If yes then fine.
Before I’m called a racist I’m happy for her case to be heard and for the law to take its course.
I suspect this boards leftie luvvies will give that question a direct swerve.


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How is this Begum character going to return to the UK, without avoiding the 14 day self quarantine/isolation on arrival, as per (current and granted changeable) COVID-19 law - Syria isn’t on the exempt travel corridor list.

The frustrations of some for paying for her travel expenses, accommodation, court costs, future life in the United Kingdom - no democratic choice on that one!

Will the racist Sajid Javed be the next witch hunt victim for the far left and their faux outrage white middle class supporters? After all, he did have her citizenship removed, for security reasons.

Interesting times ahead, on this one.

It’s the victims families, of these types despicable acts, I feel for the most.
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