Steve Eyre


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The thing is, Chisnall regularly fucks up on Comms. During the ‘behind closed doors’ times I watched him think Ipswich had hit it wide and he even said “Maxwell watches it go past his post”… to about 30 seconds later realising they had scored when we were kicking off.

Him and Brett spent at least 2 minutes one home game working out why we had a goal disallowed, I can’t remember the game but it was embarrassing.

He can’t wait to slag players off, but he is absolutely useless at his own job. It is embarrassing how bad he is. Constantly gets players names wrong, tactical changes etc.

Then he’s got the cheek to slag off a professional footballer on his defensive body shape.

Sort your shit out first Chisnall, never forget his “get off the pitch you idiots” v Huddersfield,

Blackpool need to get an in-house commentary team and fuck this bellend off. Someone would probably do it voluntary.
*Chizzyvision mode off*
This is pretty much spot on. It says a lot about the tinpot nature of our local radio station. However, as a club with a growing support also looking to grow listeners and TTV watchers we deserve a bit more than the combined insights of the Partridgesque one and a failed and bitter ex-coach.

As for Jordan and the frustrations of going in too hard at the wrong moment: for anyone with a long enough memory we've had a few down the years. Briggsy at Rotherham springs to mind. Brabs, Andy Morrison, even Charlie. More to add. All iconic players in Tangerine who will live long in the memory. Give the lad a break, he's our player, he chose us over others, he helped us get promoted (as did Ollie Turton all you slagger off-ers) and he will grow and grow in this side 🏝️

Alfie Conn

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Do we have enough subscribers to warrant our own commentary team?. Colin Greenall aside it's a very amateurish set up is radio Lancs.


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I had to mute the commentary towards the end.
Chisnall and Eyre just wouldn’t stfu about Gabriel and continued to criticise the team at every possible moment.
Good job they were out of reach, I was fookin fuming. The team were working hard, the fans were vocal and these two pratts were just dealing out shit.