Today is the first of many footballing steps in the right direction.....


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I'm happy to be patient and do acknowledge the newness of the team.
My frustration comes out of not recognising the goal scoring potential in the tactics so far.
If we were showing forward moves that weren't coming off because players are unfamiliar with each other & the system, then fine. But I don't see the moves in the final third that are going to get the goals.
No, I'm not a 'want it here & now' person. I'm just saying what frustrates me with what I'm watching.


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I’m amazed at the divided opinion on here considering the amount of change that has taken place.
Typical of the “want it now” generation when what we actually need is a little bit of patience!
Don't you think that's as much down to the fact we've had so little to cheer about and life is a bit shit at the moment as it is desperately wanting a win?