Two weeks today...... let the show commence


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Plenty of scope for โ€˜nuggetsโ€™ as the postponed non payment of wages hearing scheduled for a July will also be heard, as well as the unfair dismissal.


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If you want to observe Koko's Komic Kapers you maybe able to virtually. (You may be spared the walk of shame this time Karl)
The Employment Tribunal service use a Cloud Video Platform which you can log into by invitation.
You will need e-mail the Employment Tribunal at:
to express an interest and presumably you will get a link justice before kick off.
There's a bit of information on the link below:
Book early to avoid disappointment.


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Surely that facility is for those participating in the hearing, not the general public?
Bump and for Pete this is a hearing that would be open to the public in normal times.
In Covid world this is how the public can witness Karl's quest for justice.


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If the paperwork is submitted in advance how the hell can it go on for 4 days next week and additional time on the unpaid wages claim the following week? Surely, there can't be that many witnesses, unless Owen is appearing for one last exaggerated fling in court? Or is it to do with KO's unusual pay, deduction and tax arrangements?
The employment tribunals I have been involved with haven't lasted more than a day to a day and a half, but more usually are settled in advance.


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Pete. It's nothing to do with Owen anymore. The contractual arrangements were between Karl and BFC Ltd. The new owners of BFC Ltd inherited the issue.
From what little I know the answer to Karl's wages claim is a lemon. Karl still has an overdrawn director's loan account with BFC which is repayable. Any gains will be offset against what he owes.
I know even less about his claim for unfair dismissal but I suspect plenty of evidence will be offered to counter this. In fact if every witness was called the case could go on until the end of 2021.
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Really, really could not give two shiny shites. Weird how some want to cling on to the 'good old days' when Oyston was the reason for the club doing so badly! Maybe now they've gone, we are being exposed as a club.