Which is your least favourite stretch of motorway


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The M25 between the M1 and M4 is pretty horrible.

I suppose technically it’s not a motorway but the A12 is my least favourite stretch of motorway type road.
Never been on that road Mex but it looks long and remote over in Suffolk?
If we are allowed A roads, I think the West section of the A66 was once voted the UK's worst road?
It's single lane in many places, so if you get stuck behind a tractor or truck, you're knackered - it's a busy road so the other lane is usually full so no way of overtaking.

But for motorways, I'm a bit surprised the M65 hasn't been mentioned. It reduces from 3 to 2 lanes in quite a few places with little warning. I've seen a few accidents where drivers are quickly trying to get into lane 2 when lane 3 is disappearing in front of them.

M6 Toll road through the services .. also quite like bits of the M5.
I think you meant to post on the favourite motorway thread McG?