WTF? No, I'm a Celebrity Thread...??!!??


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Just caught up with last night's episode. Enjoyed it as usual, one of the TV highlights of the year, (dons tin hat). The Emmerdale guy is a bit of a 'woofter' huh?


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It's (strangely) one of the few programs that all our family still watch together. Have to admit though, the lineup this year is pretty poor. There's at least 3 people who I genuinely had no idea who they were and neither did my kids. Madeley will clearly prove to be a colossal bell-end with many an accidental partridge to enjoy I would think.


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I think the line is is pretty good.
Think Ginola could be quite entertaining and I‘ve always had a soft spot for Madeley 🤭
Arlene Philips looks bloody great for 78 👍


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Not watched it yet but what is the point of Arlene Phillips being in there as she will probably be excluded from most of the challenges on medical grounds
Shop lifter Madeley was giving it large last week by asking the public to vote for him for every challenge as he was relishing the opportunity
I hope it come back to bite him.


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Never watched it and wouldn’t know most of the celebrities either, but isn’t it basically the school playground game of “Dare”?

It must be like watching Charlie Drake’s old tv program “Arsenic and Old Lace” which should have been called “Money for Old Rope” as it was exactly the same week in week out.

Hey ho, what do I know, but enjoy it if you like it.


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The first series was interesting because it was something different, after that, it’s just same old. Can’t be bothered with trash tv.


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I refer to my earlier post about Madeley
Last week he was inviting everyone to vote for him to do every challenge because he was “well up for it”
yet after just one challenge he develops a mysterious illness and has to withdraw from the programme.
No doubt when he gets back to the TV studio he will be telling the world how gutted he was to have to leave under such circumstances.