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Dear Lee,
I am hoping you and Jane are fine. Also that this present situation will soon end. Many thanks for your video from October 2019. This is still very much appreciated. I keep an eye on all things reference Blackpool AFC. When things improve I will contact you again. Best Wishes for the future.
Kind regards,
Richard Powell
Forest of Dean
Thanks Richard hope you are keeping well
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By the judge and don't hesitate to ask for a free test line.
You are miles out of order with your OP.......both factually and from an emotional intelligence point of view too....your own circumstances and thoughts are not the TRUTH, just a version ......think on
Thank you for the offer I will take you up on it if that's ok?. Are you ok with a postal order if you can give me the price and postal address please.
Sure, however your want to do it.
I don't know how much they even cost!
I'll weigh it and find out.

Address is 21 Seaton Crescent, St Annes, FY8 2RF.
Postage via royal mail - has to go as a small parcel, it's too long to be classed as a letter. It's 3.72 2nd class, 4.40 first class.

These people who won't accept that this political organization should have no place in our sport(even our country) will happily call you.
But these same people turn a blind eye to them defacing war memorials of the very people who gave their lives so they can have the free speech they have now.
They have a warped sense of reason which defies normal logic so you will never win with them.
You said it The odd goal. I think you need more from a forward than the odd goal.
Just reply on your thread pal. Odd!
Hi , I believe you have some tangerine face mask 😷
pig so can u send some pictures what they look like please , cheers
Hey Athers,
I know you're quite influential on here and I always recognize you from years ago (think we are same age and go back to tango junior seasiders days with Pauline O'Rouque. Anyway, always love your posts and sense of humour/banter etc.
I know you are shielding but I'd love to send you a couple of these face mask of mine. All I ask is that you cover the cost of p&p (£3) and I'll send you 1 of each.
I know you are shielding but I'd love to send you a couple of these face mask of mine. All I ask is that you cover the cost of p&p (£3) and I'll send you 1 of each.
Like I said on threads, my plan was to donate profits to NHS but the club haven't followed me up unfortunately.
If you are happy with them please comment on thread so that I can shift the rest as they really very good quality.
Thanks a lot
What’s your PayPal?
Can you let me know about your IPTV, mine get busted by Trading Standards last November & Ive not sorted one since, but would love a recommendation. Also what kit do you use?, I have a Zgemma box with a 1Tb hard drive tagged on for recording & pausing... Thanks in advance... Limechase
Tower Power
The one I use is from Halifax71. I have it straight thro to Samsung tele via Smart IPTV app. Have had very few problems and got most of Pool IFollow matches home and away.
How much is it please?
Tower Power
Think I paid £35. Also has all the latest films and a catalogue of 30,000+ other films.
I was the team coach driver for 12 years from the late great Billy Ayres to Steve McMahon got to know a lot of BFC players and still keep in contact with a few Up the pool
Hi Pete, have noticed in the last couple of weeks that your posts have come up as being ignored so could not understand how I got to this situation as I have not ticked the the ignore button on anyone, anyway just to let you know that I have resolved the problem and I am sorry for any inconvenience, it was a mistake somewhere along the line on my part,
regards Tony Whitstable tangerine.
Tony, I wasn't aware of an issue so dont worry. Regards Pete
I think I agree with most of your points on the politics thread ,but one thing I think I would take issue with you is your High Recommendation of `The Jeremy Vine Show'.
Ever since the BLM protests it has shown itself to be extremely bias to BLM and their choice of `guests'. Its nearly as bias as the BBC Breakfast Time shows!
I used to like the Jeremy Vine programme too.
Glade I got that off my chest. 😉
Yep, there is an undoubted bias but at this point in time it was always be the case as they have to give these political Thereactivists there fifteen minutes of fame.
Bring Back Standing
The programme showed its true colours when the elderly lady got cut-off for saying "I do feel some blacks have a chip on their shoulder"....and then there was the man cut off for trying to read out George Floyds criminal record.
Hi mate, love the profile pic btw. You mentioned the 95-96 tape; if you sent it to me I could digitise it...warm regards Daz W
Yes, that wouldn’t be a problem. Let me know where you want it sending and I will sort as soon as I can get to the Post Office. Tom
Do they know it's Christmas
Ross Kemp
Ian Evatt
I’m seem to remember there was one early track they decided not to release. No doubt their best.