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    Teams who you easily forget were in the Prem

    Are Stoke one of those teams? Bar Charlie being a part of them, I don't really have any memories at all of Stoke in the Prem - no big games, memorable goals, outstanding players .. it's all a bit meh! So any other teams whose time in the Prem just sort of passed you by. Sadly we can't include...
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    Strange stat about last season

    No side drew more away games in the Championship than Blackpool last season - can't say I noticed that but if you can get a point on the road then it puts you in good stead for your home matches.
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    100% records

    Well Hull have got PNE and so good chance they might retain theirs!
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    A few misjudged Appleton?

    Clearly highly regarded by Arsenal as a coach and in the football world in general.
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    It's Coming Out, It's Coming Out

    Graham love - whatever substance you’ve popped in your plastic bag, I’d stop sniffing it for a while.
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    Where's MCLF and the SeasidePodcast?

    I liked the away shirt until I saw it in the ground and on here (with no disrespect to those wearing it) but am now not really a fan 🙄
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    Why is Jake Daniels at Bilbao?

    … not for the weather 😳
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    Have they peeled Chizzy off the roof?

    I also did wonder if Grimmy had come out of his area and if the Lino would have flagged if it had been a goal?
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    What has happened to Dougall

    Are Dougall, Carey and Virtue the same style of players? If so, Dougall would be my first pick amongst those three every game.
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    Tom apology....

    All I will say on this is it was a joy to watch the Women’s football yesterday with no hostilities, the game played in a competitive but amicable way, the fans all mingling and yet our fans have to start using the C word to be amusing and boo a player who was actually decent for us. Of course...
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    This medical malarkey

    Still interested to know what Bishop’s medical showed up at Blackpool which it didn’t show up at Portsmouth and of course the great irony in this is the fact we’re being so careful about medicals when it comes to signing players and yet we have 9 players on the treatment table 🙈
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    Coventry 🤣

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    Appleton reaction of CB

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    Nick Alderton

    Quite liked him as a player and never really got the rub of the green with us - good luck to the lad
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    What about the defence Appleton?

    Still the area that leaves me most worried!