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    Screening and ventilation louvres

    If anyone is interested in who did them ...
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    Our most successful 'older players'

    What age was Dave Bamber when he finished? He looked about 40 but was probably considerably younger!!
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    Pool 2 Lincoln 3

    Mitchell had a bit of a shocker that day but good to remind ourselves how impressive CJ Hamilton is!
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    Is it windy in Blackpool?

    Blowing a hoolie further South today - sadly think high winds might help the opposition more than us today.
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    Anyone else think of a Formula One team when they hear Max Power!!
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    Seagulls wrecking my cars

    Stick it on Youtube or a video hosting platform and post the link.
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    The sort of player a bit like Harewood that it's easy to forget - solid player but rarely on the 'why is he not playing' list. Good interview.
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    April's Fixtures and Predictions?

    There was never a need for an option zero #InCritchWeTrust
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    That 29 Game Season

    If only eh .. mind you if you think this is pressure, imagine this table with another 17 games to go!!
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    The Preview Show: Episode Six – Swindon (A)

    Loved it and suddenly love him even more! Not keen on Ged Mills - find him very uncomfortable to watch - probably a very good radio presenter.
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    o/t Your go to ‘summer song’

    Just because it always reminds me of the summer abroad Ultra Nate - Free.
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    Being 21 and up for it!

    Probably a bit different but have just read Critchley's thoughts on Ballard playing today. When I was 21, I was in the building industry and worked from Portugal and I'd do a full shift on a Friday for 10 hours, fly home, get out for last orders and still be up at 8am to get the coach for the...
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    Swindon away day memories?

    Anyone remember when the Queen Mum had died just after we'd been to Swindon?
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    Likes his wingers Critch!
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    Predicted line up Northern Ireland possible starting lineup: Peacock-Farrell; McNair, J. Evans, Cathcart; Dallas, Davis, McCann, C. Evans, Kennedy; Magennis, Lafferty