5th Favourites to go down


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Only Brizzle Shity, Reading, Blues and Rotherham below us in the current bookies odds. We're actually level at 40/1 with Brizzle.

I think we might surprise a few teams this season (crosses fingers)
7th with sky... just above you know who 👀


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Bristol City and Cardiff will probably be better than last season but you could end up with a club like Luton being involved in a relegation battle, very hard to call, 5th favourites for the drop probably about right as things stand.

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Always like to start the season looking at who is fancied to go down ..without the points deductions (and Peterborough), it does already look a harder league. I think Wigan might be down there as well tbh.


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Not so sure about Bristol City being down there but can certainly see Reading, Birmingham and Rotherham struggling this season and as GJR eludes too with Luton there’s usually someone who did well last season who really struggles this season and Luton could be that team, I know Barnsley lost their manager but they went from play offs to relegation in a season.

It’s obviously hard to judge this early into pre season but I firmly believe we will be fine and won’t be involved down the bottom.

Birmingham were an absolute shambles against us towards the end of last season and seems a lot of unrest there so if that carries on they have to be nailed on to go down. Reading have Paul Ince and no more is needed to be said on that one.