67 years and counting


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In some ways it preserves the institution and tradition of the competition,because it keeps the memories alive.
I spoke to Eddie about this a few years back as he recalled what a difficult thing it was to win, when it wasn't necessarily the preserve of the biggest clubs.
He was flattered to hear me say he was the Stanley Matthews of the 70s but insisted the best player of his generation was Bobby Charlton.


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Yes it’s a common misconception that Morty is the only player to score a hat trick in the final. Glad no one else has done it since though as theoretically with the players being far more attacking and skilful, the game full of goals and refs more likely to award pens and send players off you’d think a hat trick is well overdue.

Other quiz question is which England international scored a hat trick in his first ever professional game and is still the youngest player to do it in the top flight?