Anyone know the highest position we've been this season?


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We've certainly not been Top 6 but anyone know our highest position as we do seem to have trodden the same water for a long time!

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Can't seem to find somewhere where you can look at the table from each match week, Premier League allows you to do it with every season on their website - the fancy buggers!

I don't think we've been particularly high as we've always been clawing back from our poor start. From memory I swear we got to around 11th/10th after our good run, but that is pretty much a stab in the dark

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Doesn't that say everything about the season so far that bar that second game of the season that we have never got further up the table than 12th! You forget we were 23rd after 7 games - surely one of our worst starts to the season in recent years?