Appeal denied


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Woods not playing vs Pool, meaning they have two central midfielder suspended come Saturday. Birmingham see to have struggled with injuries all season, but still even out in most games, conceding few goals. Bookies have them as favourites, but I fancy us to win, if Chritch gets his team right, which he will 👍🏻👍🏻https://www.birminghammail.co.uk/sp...ws/birmingham-city-dealt-hammer-blow-22278248
They are favourites..... what a surprise 🙄

I reckon another championship side could put out an oap group and still be favourites at this rate, the bookies are 🤡


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Can't believe they appealed it to be honest.
The pundit on Quest seemed to think the red was harsh but it looked a nasty one to me and a potential leg breaker.
He then gets in the face of the referee and is shouting FO to the fans as he goes down the tunnel.
Only Lee Bowyer could have thought that was appealable.