Potts Must Go

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Computer Games section on the first floor. Circa 1980/1 Atari 80s, Spectrums, hand held computer games made by Grandstand like Astro Wars, Kevin Keegan's Soccer, Simon and Mini Golf, you could try them all. Quality 👍


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If your of a certain age that place is part of the fabric of your youth , all the stuff mentioned already and Star Wars figures !! i must of bought a hundred or more in there - RIP Frank.


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For several years I was taken there on my birthday to spend my birthday money. It was the highlight of my year!

Might have been still doing it if had stayed open, and the wife would take me of course.


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Yep used to love Batesons and on a smaller scale Coleman’s Toys in the Teanlowe Centre which ruined my childhood when it went and was replaced by Graham’s.