Best fish???


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Fleetwood monkfish - fresh from Borough Market still in the keep net.

Luvverly jubberly.


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Seniors used to sell John Dory as their signature dish. That stopped somewhat abruptly. Anyone know why? Is it too scarce, too dear? It's s lovely tasting fish, even when battered.
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While your in Funchal try out Restaurant Portaliano,by the side of the municipal gardens.
We had a fantastic there last November.
Squid ink pizza
Enjoy Funchal we love Madeira.
Tangerine Twindmil, not sure if that was meant for me but if it was, I'm going back to live in Portugal but in the North /Central region.


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No Brazil my reply was for Realfish who is off to Funchal.
That’s a lovely area of Portugal.
Porto and Douro valley still on our to do list.
Enjoy 😊
Thanks TTW, I lived for 2 years in the Porto area 2015-2017. Glad to be going back now. Also I'll be closer to the UK and family on the Fylde and back for a few matches at BR when fans are allowed back in. The Douro Valley is lovely and I love Porto. If you go there, leave a message for me and maybe we can meet up.