BFC fixtures 22/23 thread.


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Good barometer of where we are under a new gaffer after handsomely beating Reading at home towards the end of last season. And at least we don’t need to worry about it being moved for TV!!


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We’ll there’s the Swansea, Bristol & Cardiff home games I’ll miss & I dare say a couple more unless I can plan around them. That’s not too bad as it could have been some of the local derbies.


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Had a quick scan - away from 20/08 and not back until early September so miss Rovers and Dingles.

BUT there's a few games at BR which will set the away fans salivating - expect some decent attendances in the early part of the season through until the end of the illuminations.
The Illuminations go through until after we play Sunderland at home.

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Interesting that they're playing some games whilst the WC is on, 10 December, potential QF for England, and Birmingham coming to BR, 17 December. Cardiff away and potential 3/4 place play-off with final next day.

Seems odd.


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I see we’re at home first against the Nobbers.
Need to seriously think about what ticket allocation we’re giving them.
There’s no point giving them the same amount of tickets as last season then moaning about it on here when they give us the same allocation for Sleepdale.
Are Sky carrying the midweek games on the red button again this season?
I believe so


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National Express bus to Sunderland booked 3rd October.. Sunderland Central Travelodge booked from 3-5th October.. Just need to qualify for match tickets now..