Big players returning


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So we have seen Anderson hit the ground running and looking a real attacking asset.

We have Husband who brings assurance and experience back in the mix.

Ekpiteta the colossus is back in the side.

Stewart is back although could have done with more minutes today...

Anyone else back?

Also any news on Kaikai and Ward?

Could do with them available, but looking more promising with a few more options to add to the squad.

A bit more time now for any niggles to clear up and players to freshen up also.

Good times 👍


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That's good to hear. Physios were having a word as he was walking off at half time and he wasn't exactly sprinting off.

2+2 usually equals four with anyone who looks like they might have an injury this season.

I don't whether it's just with having had Turton, Husband, the tea lady and Warwick Davies having to cover at centre half, but Marvin Ekpiteta looks about a foot taller.
Hes grown into the season.