Blackpool v West Brom Official Matchnight Thread 23.11.21


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Nothing sticking with Lavery or Madine they need to do better but to be fair they don't even get a fraction of a second!
One of those football bullshit comments that you get more time on the ball higher up the leagues, you absolutely don't!!!


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Insane double save by Johnstone.

Good half. Hope we've ridden the storm! Adjustments needed I think. Baggies have some good players.


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Our right side looks a problem. Powderpuff challenges by bowler and not chasing back. Very frustrating as we are going to over cook it by fannying about at the back.


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Getting cheesed off with the ref letting their throw-in taker walk forward 10 yards every time they have a throw. Particularly on their left-hand side, they have turned throw-ins near the half-way line into throws where they can set up players near our our penalty area with relative ease.


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I can sense your genuine excitement Kurt. Geez you re a hard man to please. I'm just glad I can listen to Blackpool for the first time anywhere in the country. That's anywhere in the country just in case you missed it the first time.
Hard game to listen to tho.. Heart in mouth so far😁
He's a terrible commentator though. Literally awful.

Micky Walsh

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Ok. They obviously had a good spell, we got away with it and could of nicked a goal. A good side but will give chances up, their giant centre back doesn't look fit.


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We are still well in this game.

That spell WBA were in top is probably going to happen against teams with that level of talent.

Let's keep going and see where we end up.