Chris Maxwell


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My favourite player this season

but does anyone else get worried how often he comes out of his box etc and all the back passing to him??

im not putting him down he’s class incase anyone gets the wrong idea


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The best ball playing goalkeeper I have seen outside the premier league. We have a unique advantage with this ability. Several goals scored already this season as a direct result of his quick thinking from the back to play people through. He's an excellent shot stopper, the only 2 negatives for me are his reach and commanding of set plays. If he had an extra 6 kcnh reach we probably would've conceded a few less.

Overall, comfortably one of the best goal keepers in this league and you can't expect him to have all the traits or he wouldn't be in this league.


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He is a proper sweeper keeper, comes out of his box rapid - Saturday was the first time he's done something reckless, Nobbers were telling us he was a liability because of it but thus far I'd say the foul on the Ipswich player is the first I've seen him muck up with it.

I can't get over how good his delivery is, the fact he has two assists is absolutely outrageous.


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I like him and think he gets unwarranted stick on here. He got called for their first goal yesterday but watching it back it was a good strike all be it from a long way out. Him and Big Marv have been the standout players for me this season.


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The Ipswich game wasn't his best, but everyone including all of us has an occasional bad day at the office. Overall I am very happy he is our keeper.


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He,s on a par with what you get as a goalie in this division. I loved his pass to make the goal against Wigan, I do think that lack of height is a slight liability but it is what it is.
Seems switched on every game I,ve watched him in.


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He’s won me over, his positioning is good, always reads game well, that booking was actually a good one, defenders behind him so no danger of a red card, probs one of the best we could get in League One


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I don't understand the Maxwell love-in to be honest. He doesn't command his 6 yard box EVER and witness how many goals we have conceded from crosses from corners / wide set pieces this season. Which is why I nicknamed him 'Dracula'.

Alfie Conn

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You're not going to get the finished article playing in League2, even the best make howlers,look at Alisson last night,if Maxi had made those sort of errors TWICE we would of been all over it. He's a modern keeper,a leader and I'm very comfortable with him being our no.1