Colour of Ivory Coast shirts

Orange (as are the majority of ours in recent years). I've actually got an Ivory Coast shirt and have worn it to the odd 'Pool game.
Saw a guy on holiday wearing one and walked towards him with a big grin until I saw the badge .. next stop Specsavers!
There’s a friggin’ Pantone reference for it. It’s not difficult. That’s why they standardised it, so that idiots cannot possibly get it wrong.
You do know that tangerine is just a shade of orange right?

I also very much doubt Mr Sadler nor Puma worry about what shade of orange our kit is either.

A never ending petty AVFTT issue that nobody in the outside could care less about. Yes we are the tangerines but the kit is always a varying shade of orange.
Well tell that to all the pundits that have referred to us as playing in orange , because I would suggest that nearly 100% of pool fans get annoyed about it. Maybe you could become a pundit and talk about Manchester United in their scarlet shirts.