Covid restrictions question


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Just wondered if anybody could help as I can't really make sense of it .
I have a 10 year old daughter who lives in Rochdale and I have her every other weekend. I know there are special rules for co parenting but it's the travelling that makes this different. Will I be ok to travel and pick her up at weekends? We are in tier 3 and greater Manchester 2 soon to be 3.


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A 10 y.o. child is deemed to be under the restriction age, I think.
It's a little uncertain about crossing from a Tier 3, in to a Tier 2 at the moment.
Don't take as read what we on here say. Find out from the Council or some other body.


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Parenting arrangements are entirely unaffected by any guideline, law etc. Apart from a dodgy statement from Gove at the start, quickly retracted, this has been consistently spelt out throughout.

Continue doing whatever you need to do to parent your child. Would you actually abide by any such law that acted as a barrier between you and your daughter? I certainly wouldn't.


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I think this question has just been asked on The Boris Show It seems the short answer is no, unfortunately for you.
Boris gave this answer so I'd definitely check the small print.