FA Cup final


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Don't be so negative it is what it is better than watching some reality shite.
The Fa cup has been on the wain for years but clubs still want to win it as to London clubs couldn't give a toss North South East or West unless it's us.


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I think you are both in agreement really. For me the subconscious traducing of the FA Cup's reputation is a crime. The FA Cup is a pure competition: no seeding (from the third round onward) and every member of the FA is entitled to enter.
It also used to be the longest football competition in the world: commencing in early August with the preliminary rounds and ending after the leagues as the centerpiece final in early May.
It has been kicked into nothingness by money. Is it any wonder that the Premier League trophy is the most garish, down-market piece of bling ever to tarnish the beautiful game? (With apols to TD53's post on this very issue).
The FA Cup should be seen as a beacon to true competition. You get drawn out of a hat to play your competitor then it's one chance (plus replays) to get past them.
This is my football rant. The FA Cup should be sacrosant. END OF...!


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I think due to the sports drought I've actually got more interest this year.

Shame about the teams in it though.

I've enjoyed the playoffs immensely.


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Two London clubs that don’t have far to travel. Yawn
Bit like Brentford and Fulham Tuesday night then.
This I'd rather have a Northern team than a team from down south is for dinosaurs and totally outdated.
Seriously United and City over Arsenal or Chelsea couldn't care less but will watch the game.


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Has there ever been less interest in the grand old trophy ?

2 London clubs in an empty stadium.
May have been better to just toss a coin.
If it had been Manure v ManCity I'd have watched but as it is I don't really care less one way or the other.


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I'll probably watch a bit between the cricket. I'd prefer Chelsea to win, just because Arsenal supporters really grate on me. If both teams go for it, I don't see why it shouldn't be a decent game. Neither can defend and both have good attacking players.


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Looking forward to the game, should be good. Head says Chelsea and I do love Frank and it would be lovely to see him looking up at the sky with both hands raised up.

However I'll be routing for Arsenal.


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The only thing that would ever rescue the FA Cup would be to award one champions league place to the League title winner and one to the FA Cup Winner in each country. It will never happen though.
The sad thing is there are things they could do to make it important like a 3pm kick off time and only match and ditch the Wembley semis but again it won't happen. Football is just controlled by the big clubs.


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Quick and easy quiz.
Name those teams.
The first time I went to Wembley was in 1964 when I watched my 92nd and 91st favourite football league teams (pre PL obvs) and then in 1972 when my 90th favourite team was involved.
But who was I watching?