FA Cup money - Invest or recoupment?


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Blackpool pocketed £22,629 for their first round win against Eastbourne Borough and £34,000 in the next round after a victory over Harrogate Town. £82,000 was collected after Blackpool’s win over West Brom in the third round.
That means in total, Blackpool have gained a cool £138,692 during their run this year, with no money on offer to losers of fourth round ties.

I would've thought you can probably add a few bob in TV revenue as well so we're talking over £150,000 - will that just fill the empty coffers or I wonder if they will use it to reward Critchley with more investment?


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Whilst the prize and TV revenues were very welcome, I sense that they're a drop in the ocean of the club's outgoings I'm afraid. IIRC, isn't goal machine on around 2.5k per week? If so, that's circa 125k pa for 1 player alone.

I hope that the revenue figure is much higher than the 150k estimate in the o/p, but even then it won't cover anything close to SS's outgoings sadly. So to answer the o/p, partial recoupment. I dread to think what might have happened without SS.


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Thought we waived expenses incurred, which normally is picked up by the home club
It’s normally paid for out of gate receipts before they’re split, but obviously not in this case... the allowance is fairly generous, too, hence non-league clubs rocking up at the Imperial or the De Vere when they play here.