Football in the 60s and 70s Facebook group.


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I joined this group a couple of months ago, think it's got about 20k members and I've really enjoyed it. It's just members putting photos on from that era and discussing and stirring up memories. just right for 56 year old me. The admin guy states that there's a zero tolerance on racism, club rivalry and discussing the modern game which is all fine by me.
I've noticed though the longer I've been on there that this admin guy seems to almost revel in how many people he's banned and repeating the rules. Just a little irritating to me and that he's up his own arse a bit but never mind I enjoy everything else. Anyway today he himself has posted a pic of Garth Crooks in his Stoke days with an eyes emoji and the comment...watching.
Now this annoyed me to be honest. It seemed to me that he's actively posting a pic to provoke comments and then enjoying a little power by cutting people maybe for a racist comment? I put a reply saying " watching for what? and I seem to have been banned . No explanation but now nothing on my Facebook feed of anything from that group.
it's really annoyed me although I find it funny at the same time. Some people take a bit of power from wherever they can get it .
I'm sure I'll find something similar somewhere else on FB or twitter.
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I'm on that group and have noticed this before.

Too be honest, it's Facebook and some people think they're superstars on there when in real life they're probably Tony Angelino.