Friday fun - describe a well known film in the most boring way you can.


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Shamlessly pinched from a Jason Manford post but thought it was something to do on a Teir 3 Friday.

I'll start off with one:

Man runs around doing keep fit in a dated tracksuit, runs up some steps, later hits a bloke and gets hit a few times, before the film ends.


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Five children go for a tour at a chocolate factory. For most of them, the day is cut short and the last child wins a prize for being sensible.


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A woman takes a shed load of hallucinatory drugs, thinks she can fly and becomes a nanny to 2 spoilt rich kids. She meets a bloke who can't speak with an accent where he's supposedly from, then they get up to some freaky shit with some paintings.


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Giant who likes corn bread infects prison guard via oral contact
When said prison guard is invited to perform oral sex on another prisoner he pulls his weapon out and shoots him.