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Yes he's been excellent after a relatively poor start when he wasn't match fit against Ipswich (?)
It seems Forest knew what they were doing by sending him here.
I'd also sign him if possible, but it doesn't look likely.
Wonder what the price tag would be? He looks a championship level RB, but he plays ss if he's happy here.


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I think Gabs debut he had a shocker. We were all over the place at the time anyway. He's done nothing wrong and improved hugely ever since. He's absolute quality and if Forest don't want to keep him they are mad. Would love to keep him but I just can't see it. He has a bright future as does Super Marv.


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He is currently our best player, but unfortunately we won't see him again in tangerine after this season.
Unless of course we get promoted and our fantastic owner decides to buy him 😀
Didn't even realise until I read this thread that he was only on loan - could've sworn that he was our player. He'll be ruined when he goes back to the boring, mid-table Forest side.

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I think we'll all agree that the lad couldn't defend to save his life when he arrived but was good going forward. His transformation in a short few months is nothing short of amazing, he's become one of our best players. If this is the Critch effect, I'm very excited about our future!
He's my favourite player at the moment..Great going forward & always gets stuck in


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The lad has come on bundles defensively since he arrived. Going forward was never an issue. Credit must go not just to Critch and his team but also Jordan himself. More disciplined. Played very well yesterday and always looked comfortable. Loan deals can often benefit everyone involved. When Seamus came to us at a similar age, he made a massive impact. Still going strong for the Toffees over a decade later. I’m not comparing the two players ablility wise, but we all know the outcome of that season... Late playoff run, quality right back on loan, promotion omens anyone...?? UTMP