How many TWaTs do we have on here?

My other halfs lad goes in Tuesday to Thursday and works from home Monday & Friday.

I work when the weather permits it but I can take a day off whenever I want and try to keep the weekend free from Saturday lunchtime.
I work a 3 day week every week, the pattern can be totally random though, and the shifts are 12.5 hours long, and I have to do a 7.5 hour make up shift every 6 weeks or so
My last day at work was July 1998.
MrsDP was still working when I finished at Luton Airport (1990). (She's a few years younger than I) 😉
I decided to get another job, which I did, with Bedfordshire Police.
Did that for 8 years until MrsDP retired.
Work M-F on project delivery, 90% at home which is ace. During Covid I started working in a warehouse on Saturdays to get out of the house...Still there almost 3 years later. Love it, walk 13 miles per shift and lift heavy stuff all day. Fit as a fiddle approaching my 50th next year.
Still working from home and go in to the office every now and again and just remember the torturous 'banter', the depressing walks to the sandwich shop, clock watching and sitting in traffic for an hour a day.