It's not just the players...


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It's not just the players that are learning their trade, our head coach is learning too. He fucked up today as young players also fuck up! I'm not sure if he's going to bring us success or not but he's brought in some exciting players and improved/got the best out of many of the players in the squad.

I won't be calling for his head as some posters are, I'm still interested in where we're going with him in charge but I will reserve the right to criticise his/our performances.

Today was a very bad day at the office, I'd like to think that we can out think our opponents like we've been out thunk in the last two games! This is where a manager earns his corn and it's time for Critch to step up and prove he has the wherewithal to match his coaching qualifications!

I'll give him time but, I'll be honest, I'm growing impatient