Kevin Boroduwicz : a tribute


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I'm very sad to hear of Kevin's passing. Although I didn't know him personally, I'm very much aware of his hard work and passion that enabled us to get organised and to help get our beloved club back.

I hope that the wider Tangerine family's appreciation, love and gratitude for Kevin, and his achievements, are a source of comfort and strength for Kevin's family. My condolences to you.

Rest In Tangerine, Kevin.


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That has come as a complete shock and I send my condolences to his family.

A wholehearted committed Tangerine who was instrumental in ensuring we have the club we all love and support today. We all owe him a great deal for his commitment and patience in guiding us through the worst years of BFC's history. Thank you Kevin and Rest in Peace.


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Another who didn't know him personally, only met him briefly once or twice but he came across as a nice fella.

As others have said, without his commitment to the cause we probably wouldn't be where we are now as a club and a united fan base.

RIP Kev, thoughts with his friends and family 🧡


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Sincere condolences to his family and friends.
I didn't know him personally but may have come across him at some point if he went in the St Annes No 10.
The above posts are a great testament to the work he put in on behalf of BFC and the Trust also how well he was regarded by everyone who knew him.


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The last message I had from Kevin was in February. He said he felt so grateful to be able to go to games without any misgivings or anger and looked forward to it like a giddy schoolboy.
He was an outstanding and unique individual, one of the kindest, most intelligent and selfless people I have ever known. The part he played in the campaign to save our club must never be underestimated.
RIP my friend, I will miss you very much. 🧡🍊


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Theres gonna be a tribute on the Seasiders Podcast tonight at 8pm.
And a lovely tribute it was too ; Tim and John struck exactly the right note.

Kevin was a lovely man, as well as being a very intelligent and able one. We all go through life and on many occasions despair about how other people are and how they behave. But with Kevin you knew that morality and standards were at the core of everything he did, as well as the most wonderful, old fashioned manners. I was very proud to call him a colleague and I always felt better about things after speaking with him. We are going to miss him.


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Kevin was a strong character who stood up for what was right.
At times I saw him a bit of an “anchor” when people like me wanted to “drive forward with such things as protests and election manifesto”
Kevin protected the Trust Constitution” and its thanks predominantly to him that the Trust was never legally challenged by those awful owners.
Without Kevins “strength of character” a lot more fans could have had their lives ruined by being sued.
Farewell to a “Top Guy” who I always 100% Respected for his passion on various opinions.
He stood his ground for what he thought would be for the benefit of others and was not one bit egotistical for himself.
RIP Kev……A Classy Guy & True Seasider.
Sincere Condolences To Kev’s Family.🥲
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I was really saddened to learn about this most awful news. Kevin first contacted me back in 2013 to ask what insight I might be able to give SISA in terms of the clubs financials, but we struck up a good relationship and I enjoyed many conversations over email swapping recommendations about books, magazines, and talking about his time spent living in Germany.

Later I was fortunate to meet him in person at SISA/BST meetings and I talked a lot with Kevin around the time of the BST bid for the club for which Kevin was a driving force. I think we all knew it was not necessarily a realistic proposition but it was another good bit of publicity to keep the issue in the public eye.

I can only echo what many have said in that Kevin was a wonderfully intelligent, thoughtful and considered man. His calmness in the midst of the storm was exactly what BST needed and I’ve no doubt he was one of the most important people in helping us get the club back.

Once we did I unfortunately didn’t speak to Kevin as much, but know he was as thrilled as anyone that we achieved the goal and he played his part more than most.

RIP Kevin.


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I didn’t know Kevin personally but as a member of BST I was aware of the good work he was doing. We obviously wouldn’t be where we are now if it wasn’t for his outstanding work in getting our club back. Thank you Kevin.
Sincere condolences to your family.
Rest in Peace.


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Here is a touching tribute from Andy Walsh at the FSA :

"Hi Christine

So very sorry to hear about Kevin.

Thank you for the note, it is always sad when a colleague and comrade of such significance passes on. His legacy is the strength of the Blackpool supporters' organisation he helped to create and the solidarity he helped develop between each of you all involved in the campaign.

It often seems that the odds are stacked so high against supporters and it is sometimes hard to see how we can gain any influence in the game. I am not the only one who will always draw inspiration from the campaigning of BST, I know it was not easy. The supporters' movement is stronger because of the work that you, Kevin and your BST colleagues put in.

The tribute is lovely and fitting of what little I saw of the man himself.

my very best wishes and condolences."

Andy Walsh
Head of National Game & Community Ownership


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Good to see so many heartfelt comments on this thread.

I first met Kevin when we both started at St Joe’s in 1976. We were in the same class and Kev certainly made a quick impression on all his class mates and particularly the teachers. 🤣

He had a fierce intelligence and his clever wit was a class above. He loved pranks so got up to all kinds of mischief (to the delight of all of us) and would regularly catch the teachers off guard. He used to have us all in stitches.

I went to quite a few BFC games in the early 80’s with Kev and then we lost touch for many years … only to be reunited through BST for whom he was a great servant.

I can’t say much more about Kevin than what has already been said - bright as a button, great fun but for me his absolute rapier like wit was a differentiator that will always stay with me.

A sad loss to all - a great lad and seasider - RIP pal and UTP 🧡