Larry has gone.


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A million guesses at a ex BFC player and I still wouldn't have got it 🙄
Wow, Crainey has filled out a bit.


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Fair enough!
Aye, but a “safe” appointment as Grayson knew all about the club and facilities and could make the transition easily, Grayson was also likely to have a few brownie points from last time he managed us and fans probably less likely to get on his back.

I think everyone knew it was going to be a stop-gap appointment at best, unless by some fluke it had all clicked. But hey-ho we are where we are now and not many of us would change that!


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I know... I know... But he has had some decent assistants at the clubs he's been successful at....

The other possibility is that Football has maybe just passed him by and he's perhaps not quite bright enough to get on board with the modern game... He also looks like a bit of a boozer, so maybe he's just lost his way
He liked his Stellas in the hotel bar when the players were all tucked up. Ruined on one match day down South


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Grayson was always a bad fit for them as they seem to have got rid of all the big earners and developing younger players. Not really his thing. I liked Grayson, thought he did brilliantly for us the first time but can understand the animosity on here towards him..leaving for Leeds , celebrating against us with the nobbers and a shit job second time round.
I think Fleetwood will struggle to attract a decent manager because they're not the club they were 2 or 3 years ago. The days of getting the likes of Uwe Rossler or someone seem to be gone. Dont think the moneys there anymore. Theyve got Poolfoot and thats it.


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First time with us he had Tony Parkes finding quality players cheap for him, 2nd time round he was awful with a miserable gob. Cheered up at the cod’s maybe realising being a miserable twat wasn’t the way to go. But he was still awful. Thank Fek we have Critch at the helm now.

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Grayson is a very lazy football manager. From his spinning sessions for players to cool downs to days off, he loves whatever means it’s easiest for him and what he doesn’t have to get involved in.

Then you’ve got his lazy recruitment of signings of ex-players, if he gets another job again it will be criminal after 4 failures on the bounce.


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Not surprised to hear he has gone, but to be fair he didn't have many players. Barton fell out with and got rid of most of the best - Kyle Dempsey, Ched Evans, Paddy Madden etc.


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Lazy appointment.
Wish him all the best, but think he needs a break from football and/or some rethink on his football style. He needs to do what Ollie did before we got him. A bit of a football epiphany to find his missing mojo.


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Remarkable after Blackpool that Pilley went with him - hope Larry inflicts further misery by taking him for a few bob!
Will have his wage paid until he finds another job and thanks to Piley not learning the harsh lesson we learned he took him off our wage bill.


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My take is that he was a half decent manager when he was younger and enthusiastic about managing and hungry to prove himself, and he has been aided by some good assistants. The sum of those parts made his teams hard to beat and largely successful in getting enough goals to secure promotions.

Agree with Lytham that he’s been hollowed out by the Sunderland disaster and documentary. I don’t see him getting another managerial job above national league level.

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I’ve been a bit worried about Simon after seeing the thread title “how long has Larry got left” now the new thread title is “larrys gone “
poor taste I know but I couldn’t resist
good luck to him but I wish crainey more good luck,nice bloke & a fantastic player for us


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Larry's done an interview with Andy Bayes on Radio Lancs. I've always liked Grayson but it's starting to wear a bit thin. In it he doesn't seem to take any responsibility for the poor run there, nothing's his fault. Just the usual if I had had a bit longer id have turned it round line. Obviously pitching for the next job. Surely the pension pots full now Simon.