Legendary bands who played in Blackpool


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The Macc Lads on the back of a van opposite North Pier the day we beat PNE 3-0 IN 1987 with 10 men.

They were banned from all venues but managed to play briefly before getting moved on by the old bill.

Here's the footage Blackpool
As I recall one of their songs goes ‘we’re going down Blackpool, to see the lights, we’re going down Blackpool, for a fight!’


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Anyone remember the ‘Arts Balls’ at the Empress Ballroom early 70’s?
’Free’ played 1970 I think, Deep Purple, and defo remember ‘Family’ playing there 1971, Roger Chapman had the most extraordinary voice.

TOON Seasider

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The Jam Opera House on the last tour.
Stone Roses August 1989
Happy Mondays GPO Club on George St early 80s
U2 in either 1980 or 81 at the venue that went on to be Brannigans I think.
Two Tone tour in 1979 at the Mecca. I don't think The Clash ever played here did they ?

U2 were at the Gaiety bar in November 1980. Only a few people turned up to see them. They were crap so I left and went back over to Jenks.

The Clash were booked to play at the Mecca on Central Drive but Blackpool council banned them 😔


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I've heard a similar story told from quite a hard bloke who said it was terrifying. Must have been mental.
It happened during Glasgow Fortnight and lots of Glaswegians were in the audience. It kicked off- not unusual for a Stones gig in the 60's as quite often they could not finish their set because of violence. Yes they were banned for many years from performing in Blackpool. However Jagger did visit from time to time as his grandparents lived in Blackpool after moving from Barrow.