Looks like Grant might not be happening...


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The EFL are pushing to bring the salary cap for the coming season . However , players under contract by the 6th August will not be counted towards the cap . This lasts for the whole length of their contract . So our policy of bringing players in early on longer contracts will hopefully stand us in good stead .


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"If you mix with the wrong people you are put in situations you don't want to be put in"

Bitter Wellens? Never!


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Not heard that interview yet but happy to roll with what Nixon's saying. We're "in hard" for him and it's between us and Swindon - should get an idea tomorrow.


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We do need experience but this guy seems to come with a bit of baggage. Maybe he's settled down a bit or is a late bloomer? He did very well in L1 with Shrewsbury and seems to have been key to Swindon's success.


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We need at least two recruitments in CM I'd say... so thought he'd be good on a free. Hopefully can get some deals done soon with the Weston and Bright Osayi-Samuel money.


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There was a recent podcast featuring Antoni Sarcevic who was Plymouth Argyle's Player of the season. He mentioned Antony Grant was the hardest competitor he had ever faced in midfield, over various seasons. Regards


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I’d be in favour of this signing but I think he’ll stay at Swindon.
I wasn’t aware he was 33 either until recently,thought he was a year or two younger.


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I also think it would take a 2 or 3 year contract to encourage him to move north, which is doubtful for a 33 year old. I also think he will stay st Swindon