Madine in the corner


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Yep, yet another good game, and very impressive skills in injury time to keep the ball so long.
I also liked it when he went back to the corner flag again after he had beaten two players with his footwork

I said on another thread that I was impressed with the whole teams' game management in what turned out to be over 8 minutes of added time.
It was quite comfortable to watch apart from the odd Posh counter attack - we kept the ball very well

Suddick's Ghost

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Rather they were Muphs and Brett
I also feel I must point out that he was wearing sunglasses, at night, in the post match interview. He has them on his head but at the last second you see him go to flip them down over his eyes.

That is how cool the lad is.

All hail the goal machine
You can't dispute class.


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Loved it. Technical shithousery at his finest. What we've been missing until recently as the stat lads won't understand the art of seeing a game out but that's what gets you league points sometimes.