More Jaguar / Daimler Heritage info if possible - re Raschid Gibrail


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Tony from Jaguar Heritage thanks asked me to pass on his thanks to all those AVFTT'ers who fired back information on the last thread re the blue plaque for 9-17 Bloomfield Road (re Swallow Sidecars building the first Jaguar in the now Armfield building etc.) which is all on his blog post https://www.jaguarheritage.com/bloomfield-road-blackpool/

Tony is also doing some research on the Cocker Street site where Swallow moved to in 1926. In the 1970s and 1980s the site was used by Ismail and company run by Ismail's son - Raschid Gibrail who some of you of slightly older vintage will know went on to be involved with Blackpool FC.

Tony would like to make contact with Raschid so was wondering if any of you might be able to assist, as he wants to find out more about the time they occupied the building?