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What I like about Simms is that, like Robert The Bruce's spider, he just don't give up. Be it chasing lost balls, knocking 3 defenders about or trying again and again after misses, he just keeps trying.


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Agree about dougall best he,s played for a while but simms was awsome tonight topped of with 2goals so has to be m,o,m.


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Kenny was superb tackled gave it easy. I think he's a wonderful player. The whole team played well. The substitutions were seamless in ability and effort. Keshi was eager as fook. Ellis Simms was a pest and you can see why he got MOTM but Kenny Dougal for me tonight.
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MOM for me. Critchley

Absolutely great and sensible decision to take Husband and Anderson off when he did.
Last thing we needed would have been to have a player sent off.

Let’s have the strongest squad available for the final run of games.


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I'm pleased to see Dougall has his mojo back. He was brilliant tonight and in my view shares Mom with Simms.

Simms is a great prospect, he's bullying defences and showing some great touches.
It's hard remember at times that he's a 20 year old up against experienced defenders.


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Ballard, Garbutt, Anderson, Dougall all had very good games, everybody else all played well and it was quite comfortable but Simms was the man tonight.
Helps when we play a front 2 and 5 in midfield, Simms and Yates both see more of the ball than they do in a 4 4 2.


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Dougall and Simms stood out for me. In the first half the commentators comments on Embleton astounded me as I thought he made so many errors. However in the second half I was very impressed with his contribution! Maxwell was solid again! 🧡


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Blackpool for me. Team of the night. Simms, excellent for a young man, good strength and determination. Dougall, terrier in midfield. Turton, excellent intelligent feeds. Maxwell, assured in goal.
Yep, Blackpool. That's my MOTM


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Dougall did well breaking up play but did give the ball away a few times. One he didn't look and passed blindly to their player and they nearly scored.

I'd give a high score but not a motm for me.

Thorniley I can't recall making a mistake.

Husband was great.

Garbutt had a great game.

The impact Keshi has when coming on was superb, the way he attacked with real purpose puts him up there despite the minutes he played.

Simms was on it tonight too.

I think motm has to be out of those ones.

But we'll done everyone.


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Kenny D player of the season for me. Changed us significantly as a team when he arrived, got Covid, came back, plays twice a week and rarely subbed, Critch knows we need him out there. And he's right, we do. A fantastic signing. Lucky to have him.

Yates a close second. Maxwell third probably. Marv unlucky. Gretarsson too.

Ballard great since he got a regular run of fitness. Ward kept improving too. Turton and Husband have been great and flexible servants. Thorniley and Garbutt been good since They broke in.
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